Dymo MimioClassroom Gadgets Turns a Boring Dry Erase Board into a Digital Interactive Whiteboard

The classroom has just gone hi-tech with a slew of new teaching aids from Dymo. MimioClassroom from Dymo is a suite of hi-tech gadgetry that helps teachers take education to the next level. MimioClassroom consists of six different pieces of tech that enables teachers to teach more intuitively with their students: MimioTeach, MimioVote, MimioCapture, MimioView, and MimioPad.

MimioTeach turns that plain whiteboard into an interactive display. Just connect your computer to a projector and you can access everything that is on the whiteboard – on your computer screen.

MimioVote lets students answer test questions from the palms of their hands. It also allows teachers to quickly grade and access progress over time after tests. Each unit stores students data that can be easily downloaded for future improvement plans or awards.

The dry erase pen has also gone the way of hi-tech with this collection of educational goodies. The MimioCapture is an ink recording system that lets you save notes you made with color markers on a typical whiteboard. Everything can be downloaded from the pens to share, edit and saved for later when combined with the MimioTeach.

MimioView lets you capture pictures of objects on the spot with its gooseneck camera arms. Teachers can automatically create lessons and presentations on the fly within minutes. Just connect a PC to the MimioView via the USB and you are ready to roll.

Lastly, the MimioPad is a wireless tablet that works with your whiteboard – letting you write notes and important items, while wandering around the classroom and interacting with your students.

So there you have it –  the complete breakdown of all the amazing aspects of the MimioClassroom. Now many of these gadgets will work alone – without other parts of the suite, but to really get the full effect and for students to take advantage of this technology – it would probably be ideal for a school to spring for the entire package rather than bits and pieces. Overall, it would be amazing to see this technology brought into the classrooms. Most likely it will appeal more to the private schools that have the funds to support it. Sadly, it’s the city schools whom deal with problems of overcrowding, lack of decent teachers, low grades, and high-drop out rates where a system like this could be very beneficial too.

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