GameTime Geeks NFL, MLB & NBA iPad Skin and Sleeve Reviews

GameTime Geeks makes cases and accessories customized for almost all of your favorite sports teams. Currently, they offer a variety of very nice cases for all of the NFL teams, a large number of MLB teams, College teams, and soon NBA and NHL teams.  We got our hands on a beautifully customized silicone iPad skin and a customized iPad sleeve. The cases are high quality and the custom prints don’t look like they will wear. There’s really no geekier/better way of showing off your team pride.
The customized iPad sleeve is made of neoprene. Your iPad slides in to the padded neoprene case through a slot near the top. After the iPad is inserted, the top flap pulls over iPad to secure it into the sleeve. iPad can be easily inserted and removed. It stays inside of the sleeve  very well, especially considering there’s no buttons or zippers. The inside is padded with a super soft, white and furry velour. It’s a faux fur and it’s sure to keep your iPad scratch free. I imagine it’s like a massage for your iPad every time it’s inserted and removed. The sports logo covers a large portion of the front of the sleeve. The Raiders overlay on our iPad skin feels high quality and doesn’t scratch.

The customized iPad skin is made of silicone and covers almost every part  of iPad aside from the screen. There are button overlays for the home button, volume button, and lock button. There are cutouts for the headphone, mic, speaker, dock connector, rotation lock, and light sensor. The sleeve has a very soft touch, but it’s pretty durable. It gives iPad a good grip, so it’s much less likely to go slipping out of your hands. The customized sports logo on the back of the skin is a  little smaller than the logo on the sleeve, but this logo is laser
engraved so it won’t fade or rub off!

The customized iPad Silicone Skin and iPad Sleeve are both currently available from GameTimeGeeks.com. There is a very wide variety of teams to customize your cases with.  Both cases cost $39.99 with a flat shipping rate of $2.99 for any order, any size.

iPad Sleeve –
The Good: Durable, Protective, Large Team logo, Faux Fur Interior
The Bad: iPad is slightly exposed, logo is clearly an overlay

iPad Silicone Skin –
The Good: Feels great, offers good protection, cutouts and button overlays work well, laser-engraved logo
The Bad: The border of the skin around the screen has some extra slack and doesn’t sit flat against the screen

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