Hard Candy iPad Stylus and Pen Review

Hard Candy is not the first to come out with a pen / stylus combo to use on capacitive touchscreens like those of the iPad and iPhone, but their stylus might be the most luxurious one yet. The pen is made of a polished chrome aluminum finish that makes it look and feel like an expensive pen. The pen itself is hefty and weighs 4.2 ounces – which is almost as heavy as an iPhone which weighs 4.8 ounces. On either side of the pen are caps, remove one and a regular pen tip is revealed, remove the other and the stylus tip is revealed. The stylus tip works well. Unfortunately it has the same fault that other iPad stylus suffer from – a large rounded tip, instead of a sharp pointy one. Unfortunately a pointy iPad stylus has yet to arrive on the market.

Overall, at $34.95 the Hard Candy iPad Stylus and Pen might be more expensive than other iPad / iPhone Stylus’ out there, but it’s also the nicest one on the market to date.

The Good: Luxury finish, very solid build quality, works well, pen function has a refillable reservoir
The Bad: A bit weighty, stylus tip is not sharp


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