Platinum Plated, Diamond Studded IdeaPad U160 is Just One of These Cool Mods

Lenovo and Intel are changing out of their business suits and putting on t-shirts and jeans for their latest ad campaign that asked several of the world’s top computer customization and modification artists to mod their Lenovo laptops and desktops.

“What’s Your Idea of Fun?” is a quirky campaign that is out of the box for the typically business oriented Lenovo, and features a website filled with unique video and photo sharing tools, interactive applications, contests, as well as information on the latest Lenovo laptops and desktops powered by Intel Core processors. But our favorite section of the site features innovative and creative mods of Lenovo PCs into the wildest laptops and desktops ever created.

Some of the modded PC’s happen to include platinum plated, diamond studded IdeaPad U160, an arcade style IdeaPad Y560 and a mobile desktop IdeaCentre A700—all of which can be seen on their modder page. Site visitors will also be able to test how “fun” their computers are by putting their computer through random video and photo performance tests all via the website.

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  1. oh.. I love how those mods turned the ideaPad and IdeaCentre into something fun and unique creations. I wonder if the arcade style IdeaPad Y560 bring the same arcade excitement. 😀

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