MiMedia Online Storage Offers a USB Drive to Mail in for Your First Initial Backup


Personally, I’m crazy about DropBox, so much so that I don’t know how I ever lived without it. I no longer bother carrying around flash drives because I am confident that I’ll be able to access my files wherever I am. But DropBox is not actually all that unique – SugarSync, Carbonite and Mozy are just a few examples of other similar and very popular online backup/storage services. But the biggest problem with all of these services is that the initial backup of your data can take forever to upload to the cloud… if you have 100+ gigs of data, depending on your internet connection, it can even take weeks to get that data up to the cloud’s servers! This is where the new MiMedia comes in and offers something that these other services don’t. MiMedia will send you a USB Shuttle Drive for you to copy all of your data onto. Once you’ve done that, you mail back the drive to MiMedia and they’ll get all your data up into the cloud for you. From then on, you’ll be able to sync new files directly to MiMedia. 

But other than its USB Shuttle Drive feature, MiMedia offers a pretty standard set of features for what you would expect in a cloud storage service – it will let you store and backup music, photos, videos, and other files online for you to access via any web connected computer or iPhone. Pricing for MiMedia begins at $5 a month for 25GB of storage to up-to 250GB of storage for $24 a month.

An online personal media platform, MiMedia allows users to:

  • Store and backup entire collections of music, photos, videos and other files online, freeing up crowded computers and doing away with the need for faulty external hard drives.
  • Access these files, instantly and seamlessly, on any web-enabled computer or iPhone.
  • Share files with family and friends, without having to send bulky emails or low-res versions.

The pièce de résistance? The luxury of time.  MiMedia addresses a key hurdle for the consumer: the tedious and lengthy initial upload process that can take over a month for the average user. The patent-pending Shuttle Drive, a secure hard drive, is delivered to users shortly after sign-up; it automatically transfers encrypted copies of files and safely transports them back to MiMedia (postage-free), where they are uploaded to the user’s personalized online storage account.