RabbitAir MinusA2 Artists Series of Humidifiers Makes Breathing Prettier

Air Humidifiers aren’t usually very attractive. They are just meant to help you breath better and keep your air clean of toxins and allergens. However RabbitAir has added their own flair to the portable humidifier by making them stylish. The MinusA2 Artist Series of RabbitAir Humidifiers features 5 different artist inspired designs ranging from Gustav Klimt to Katsushika. The imagery used will aid in giving you a calming and soothing feeling everytime you look at your humidifier, yet it will still clear your air of pollen, dust and smoke. Who knew humidifiers could also look like works of art.  The MinusA2 Artists Series retails for $569.95. However for that price, maybe you should buy the real canvas….

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