Rihanna Shoots Augmented Reality Video for “Who’s That Chick?”

Well it looks like Lady Gaga might have someone nipping at her heels when it comes to using technological advances and artistry together. Rihanna, in between sharing her Kodak photos, is busy shooting a new video that will offer audiences an augmented reality experience. All you have to do is log on to Doritos Late Night and users will be able to control her music video by choosing to see Rihanna showing off her darker or lighter side of the music video for her single “Who’s That Chick?”. The augmented reality video will debut sometime this month, but in the meantime you can sign-up on the Facebook page to keep updated on behind the scenes goodies.

UPDATE: The video is now live on Doritos Late Night but you will need a special bag of Doritos Late Night Chips in order for it to work with your webcam.

[via Access Hollywood]

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