Speck Candy Shell for iPhone 4 Review

Speck’s Candy Shells for iPhone 4 are amongst the funkiest and hippest cases on the market right now. These two-tone rubber and glossy plastic cases come in a wide range of fun eye-popping colors. The Candy Shell is also the most protective and comfortable cases we’ve gotten our hands on (literally).
The case is made of a hard outer shell and soft rubber interior. The volume and lock buttons are rubberized and different color than the plastic casing. The frame around the screen is also rubber and the same color as the buttons. The frame protrudes a few millimeters past the screen offering some frontal protection. The inside of the case is covered in the same rubber, but in a unique web-like pattern. There are cutouts for the headphone jack, vibrate button, dock connector, mic, speaker, and camera. CandyShell is a one piece shell. iPhone 4 pops right into the fitted case with a bit of force. To remove it just apply pressure to one of the corners and fold it back enough to remove the phone.

Speck Candy Shell transforms iPhone 4 into a very comfortable to hold device. The durability of the iPhone 4 is greatly improved, as is the wireless reception. The buttons feel great and work perfectly. Best of all, it’s one of the trendiest and unique case designs we’ve even seen. That said, we only have a few little gripes. For starters, the headphone cutout isn’t large enough for some auxiliary cables. We were able to fold the case back just far enough to directly access the headphone jack. The vibrate toggle button can be a little tricky to access with big fingers. The rubber frame around the screen has shown slight signs of wear after a couple weeks of usage. However, it’s not too noticeable, and it’s mostly due to inserting and removing iPhone so frequently. Lastly, the case adds some bulkiness to iPhone 4. It doesn’t make it much heavier weighing just 2 ounces, but it does make your phone a bit thicker than iPhone 3G/3GS. We didn’t mind the extra thickness, it’s a reasonable tradeoff for protection. Besides, the Candy Shell case feels great and looks ridiculously awesome, so we can’t complain! CandyShell is available from Speck in 8 fun flavors for $34.95.

Disclaimer: every friend will want to know what type of case you’re rocking on your iPhone

Available Flavors:
-DarkHeart Mahogony
-NightShade Purple (pictured)
-CottonDandy Blue (pictured)
-BatWing Black
-PaleMoon Grey
-LoveHate Pink
-IndyWhoa Blue
-MoonSicle White

The Good:
Great Design, Fun Colors, Good Protection, Comfortable, Buttons Work Well
The Bad: Headphone jack and vibrate button cutouts could be larger

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