Thundershirt Gives Anxiety Stricken Dogs a Wearable Hug – All Day Long

Being the dog of a tech blogger can get quite stressful for @littlebuttons – so much so that she sometimes just needs an extra hug or a cookie to get her through those days when the Chip Chick server decides to act up. But on some really, really stressful days, one hug or a cookie alone just won’t do. Fortunately, Thundershirt is the ideal clothing for a dog’s bad day by providing them with the sensation of hugging all day long. Thundershirt works for those dogs that constantly suffer from anxiety and this piece of clothing helps calm them down, by providing a soothing pressure all around their body as you wrap the Thundershirt around them. Thundershirt retails for $36 bucks – and there are no batteries required or any training involved, just lots of slobbery kisses.

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