iPhone 4 Quartet Case by Case-Mate Review

Finally! A Rubik’s you don’t need to ‘solve’ to show off it’s beauteous appearance. The iPhone 4 Quartet Case by Case-Mate is Rubik’s-Cube-esque in that there’s beautiful bright colors to shuffle around. The case comes with six pieces and you choose four of them and create your ideal color arrangement for your iPhone 4. When you’re bored of the colors or color arrangement just pull the pieces apart and rearrange. This keeps Quartet Case looking fresh over time.

The Quartet Case works like this: There’s two types of pieces (or ‘modular sections’), a camera piece with a cutout for the camera, and a volume piece with a cutout for the volume. These two pieces slide together and interlock to form the top or bottom half of your iPhone case. Each ‘half’ grasps on to iPhone tightly.

One of the reasons the Quartet Case is especially fun is because so much of it’s colorful goodness can be seen from the front of the phone. There are so many iPhone cases out there that have the same boring black, or solid colored, bezel around the front. With the Quartet case you see your custom picked color scheme all the way around the perimeter of the phone. The plastic is smooth and glossy. The pieces are a bit flexible and they’re thick enough to offer your iPhone some good protection, except that the screen is largely unprotected. Our demo model came with a screen protector (yours might too, but we’re not sure). The case only extends about 1mm past the front of the screen, but with the screen protector and the Quartet Case on, we felt confident that our iPhone was well protected. I have not had any issues with the individual pieces coming loose or falling off, nor do I think I will. You remove the case the same way you put it on, by removing the top and bottom half. To split it back into four pieces you can either slide the camera piece from the volume piece or just bend the camera piece towards the volume piece and they’ll come undone. It is a very simple process.

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The case has one cutout for the volume buttons and vibrate toggle, and another cutout for the camera and flash. The top and bottom of the iPhone are exposed, which we love. This means easy access to your headphone jack, lock button, and charger, not to mention the speaker and microphone are unobstructed. The only gripe we had is that the cutout for the volume buttons makes it very difficult to adjust the volume, especially if you have big fingers.

The Quartet Case is available in four (appropriately named) color schemes: High Contrast, Rustic Tweed, Sensuous Silk, and Vintage Flannel. The color schemes range from bright to dark hues. We reviewed the bright High Contrast color scheme (pictured). Each color scheme includes 6 pieces. The color schemes are all compatible with one another, so if you really want to go crazy you could buy more than one. That would be sure to keep your iPhone looking FTD as they say on Jersey Shore (Fresh to Death!). The Quartet Case can be purchased from Case-Mate.com for $34.99, which is slightly more expensive then the average iPhone case, but don’t forget you’re buying a case that can shift its appearance at any given time. There are not a lot of iPhone cases that can make that same claim. We’d like to give props to the designer, Erik Arlen, for such a creative and well-executed design. Unfortunately, due to high demand, the Quartet Case is temporarily out of stock.

The Good:
Fun, Beautiful, Customizable, Good Protection (with screen protector)
The Bad:
Volume buttons are tough to access

Update 11/24/2010: The Rubix cased has been renamed to the Quartet Case

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