Police Use Facebook to Revive Kelly Morrisey 1984 Cold Case

On May 14th, 1984 Mark Zuckerberg was born, and only a month later, Kelly Morrisey, 15, vanished and was last seen at a gas station on Merrick Road in Long Island. Now 26 years later, Zuckerberg’s Facebook page might help solve the Kelly Morrisey missing person’s case. That is because recent postings on a Facebook page have suddenly revived this ‘cold’ case. Police suddenly got very interested in some postings relating to a local skating rink, Hot Skates. No specific information was posted on Facebook but folks were reminiscing about Kelly which lead police to believe some folks may decide to come forward now with new information after all of these years.  “There are a multitude of reasons why no one has come forward so far,” said homicide commander, Det. Lt. John Azzata. Will the power of social media solve a 26 year old case? It remains to be seen but nothing would surprise me when it comes to Facebook.

(Via NBC New York)

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