Holiday Gift Ideas for the Entertainment Junkie

Perfect for the couch potatoes and all the other lovers of in-home entertainment out there, these products are sure to amplify any experiences, from watching movies to listening to music to playing video games. They’ll make great gifts, and don’t be surprised if they’re being used within about ten minutes of them being received by eager entertainment lovers during the holiday season.

Sony Internet TVs (GoogleTV)

Check out the next big innovation in television technology with Sony’s Internet TV. It comes ready with Google TV, an Internet-based service that allows for web browsing and searching of both regular television and Internet video, along with Wi-Fi capabilities built-in. Sony’s Internet TV will also come with several familiar apps, like Netflix, Pandora, CNBC, NBA and YouTube. Prices range from $599 for a 24-inch television to $1,399 for a 46-inch television.

Microsoft Kinect

The latest in motion controlled gaming technology has hit the market, with the Microsoft Kinect, for the XBOX 360. With the Kinect, your body becomes the controller. All you need is the Kinect itself, a receiver that detects different motions and translates them into on-screen actions. You can get your favorite couch potato off their throne and active, while still playing video games to their heart’s desire. The Kinect is available now for $149.99, but don’t forget to pick up some Kinect games, while you’re at it.

Bose VideoWave System

The Bose VideoWave home theater system is sure to revolutionize the way home theater systems are set up inside the home. It gives a true surround sound experience, but when you grab one of these, you won’t find any external speakers anywhere. The speakers are all on the television itself, and it uses new technology to sense the shape and contours of the surrounding room, and consequentially emits sound waves according to that information. It’s a complete HDTV surround sound experience, with no mess and clutter. It’ll make an unforgettable gift for $5,349, which, for what it is and the technology involved, is more than fair.

Nyko Raven for the PlayStation 3

For just $34.99, you can get your gamer an extra PS3 controller in the form of the Nyko Raven. It does everything a Sony PS3 controller does, but has a few design tweaks that makes it a little more comfortable to use. In fact, it almost resembles an XBOX 360 controller. It also sports a Soft Feel Surface that gives the user good grip and lasting comfort, all in one. It’s an easy holiday gift idea that is sure to please any PlayStation 3 owner.

Roku Box

If you’re on a budget this holiday season (as I’m sure a lot of us are), you can still give the gift of Internet TV without having to shell out a lot of cash for Google TV or Apple TV. The sleek, small Roku Box offers most of the apps that its competitors offer (Hulu Plus, Netflix, Pandora, among others), but you can buy one for as little as $59.99. It’s fully functional for streaming HD at 1080p, too, so you won’t be skimping on picture quality. It’s definitely a worthy gift for the entertainment lovers who need their all-in-one devices.

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