iBeats In-Ear Headphones by Dr. Dre from Monster Review

iBeats are the newest pair of In-Ear Headphones to be released from the beats by dr. dre and Monster collaboration. They also happen to be the cheapest pair of earphones in their arsenal of headphones. These ‘budget’ In-Ear Headphones and I use that term loosely, are aiming their barrels at those little white ear buds from Apple. Monster and beats by dr. dre are hoping that you’ll drop those white buds in trash can where they belong, and instead you’ll get a chance to truly experience what your music should sound like, without completely breaking the bank.


The iBeats are hot looking and we won’t deny it. They are available in Black Aluminum, Black, White, and Chrome. These easy on the eyes headphones are a solid looking pair of In-Ear Headphones, and they of-course sport the signature ‘b’ representing the beats by dr. dre logo on each end cap of the earbud. Each bud of the in-ear headphones are marked with a ‘L’  or ‘R’ as well as the words iBeats and Monster.  The design also features a cable slider that will keep your wires in check along with ControlTalk controls. However the cable is not that flat tangle-free cable that we’re used to from the Diddybeats and HeartBeats.

The packaging is also pretty tight this time around and is about half the size of other beats by dr. dre and Monster headphone products. However good things come in small packages, and to that effect the box comes with a nicely laid out pair of headphones, a carrying pouch, and 7 different eartips that are color coordinated to match. The eartip selection includes two sets of triple flanged eartips, and 5 silicone eartips ranging in different sizes. This time around they didn’t include any foam tips.

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Sound Quality

The iBeats is meant for those folks who want to experience better sound quality than what you get with those flat white earbuds that come packaged with a new iPod or iPhone. iBeats delivers by giving the white buds a good thrashing. It exceeds past those Apple buds by producing better bass, mids, and treble. It also provides users with some sound isolation depending on which eartips you choose.

But in fairness, the iBeats in no way compares to the the rest of the beats by dre and Monster line-up. Which makes it on par for the price. It severely lacks in depth and warmth that other headphones in the line have. Even the bass reproduction, while impressive for the price, is lacking quality.  In some ways it’s sound kinds of muddy and even struggled when producing bass output at higher volume levels, even causing some faint noise. Unfortunately better bit rates didn’t change this overall experience.


The iBeats however excel in comfort. The In-Ear Headphones are extremely comfy and lightweight. And they stay put, no matter how slow or fast you walk and after an hour or so you forget they are even in your ears. The also don’t protrude our of your ears like the Tours did.


Just like all Monster or Beats by Dr. Dre In-Ear Speakers, headphones, etc, where the ControlTalk feature is included, ControlTalk still remains a superior feature on the iBeats In-Ear Headphones. The latest update to ControlTalk technology is that it now supports the iPad too. Monster’s ControlTalk technology lets you switch between listening to music and talking on your phone on the fly. The ControlTalk cable in particular has a call answer button and a built-in mic. ControlTalk lets you answer or end a call, decline an incoming call, play or pause a song or video, skip to the next or previous song or chapter, scan forward or backward through songs and video, and also control the volume. Incoming calls sounded crisp and clear when using the ControlTalk, effectively enhancing the overall experience and practicality of using these headphones even more. The one gripe I will say is that I felt that the actual ControlTalk controls feel a bit chintzy. That said, we haven’t experienced any issues with using it with the iPhone 4 as some other consumers are experiencing with other beats by dr dre and Monster ControlTalk headphones. It’s also nice for the price point that they included this feature in a “budget” pair of headphones.


The iBeats in-Ear Headphones are the first budget pair of headphones in beats by dr. dre and Monster’s already impressive audio line-up. iBeats certainly do the job and consumers who always wanted to own a pair of ‘beats,’ but shied away because of the pricing will certainly welcome them. They make fools out of the build quality, as well as the sound that emanates out of the Apple white buds and overall the iBeats will enhance your overall listening experience. The iBeats also look and feel very good and the added bonus of ControlTalk is a nice feature. However when you compare it to the rest of the beats by dr dre and Monster line-up, they almost sound mediocre. iBeats by Dr. Dre from Monster retail for $99.95 at Best Buy and Amazon.

The Good: Stylish with solid construction. Very comfortable to wear. Kicks the Apple Buds in the butt in terms of sound quality. Provides some sound isolation.

The Bad: Is the poorest sounding In-Ear Headphones out of the Beats by Dr. Dre and Monster collaboration. Hear faint noise when volume is high.


  1. is this the chrome color? i just ordered some but the pics i looked at showed the “b” symbol as white

  2. HEy,
    How big is the packaging it comes in? I saw them in bestbuy and they had a really smalll packaging compared to the other beats?

  3. Are the earbuds like normal earbuds (normal ones) or are they stick-into-the-ear ones?
    Cuz the latter ones gives me headaches..

  4. hi, can i connet my ibeats to a philips mp3 player? will it give the same audio quality? thank you! this is CON from PHILIPPINES.

  5. Love my ibeats 🙂 Hated them for a couple days though, until, I tried ALL the earbuds and found the perfect one for me. Key thing here, you gotta try all the earbuds and see what sounds best.

  6. these head phones are very cool in looks and everything, but just to be honest for the same sound quality and same comfort the titans for $40 are the same quality, less than half the price, and have a longer life, i just recently received ibeats and they are great, but they feel like they will fall apart and they are store bought from best buy the titans i have had for 2 years and are still in perfect condition and i throw them in my pockets with my keys and still amazingly for 2+ years, still alive and working perfectly with barely any cosmetic wear and i use them everyday

  7. Bought a pair, had to return 2 weeks later for problems with iPhone 3GS. Made my phone switch modes by itself. Got a replacement, less than a month later the left earbud stopped working. Now have to send off to Monster for replacement. Sound great but very fragile. If you a re rough on headphones these are NOT the ones for you.

  8. I was disappointed with my purchase of Dr. Dre iBeats headphones. ($109.00 cdn. at Best Buy) I have only had these puppies for three weeks when the left cord fell out of the the bezel! I was alittle annoyed to say the least. So I tried to return them at Best Buy and they wouldn’t give me an exchange or refund, because it says on the back of the receipt that as soon as you walk out of the door, any damage to any item bought there is considered “Damage From Usage”, thus nullifying the warranty.

  9. I have a pair I bought frm a guy. But da built-in mic doesn’t seem to work. Where is it built in at. And they don’t have a call answer button.

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