iPADock Makes it Way to USA Via Firebox UK – Obessive Compulsive Apple Fans Squeal With Delight – No More Wires!

We were just giddy like a tween screaming for Justin Bieber when the iPADock was first announced. Sadly it didn’t look like it would find its way stateside since it was launching in Japan. However, it looks like PhotoFast finally got a distributor in the UK and that’s definitely a lot closer! That’s right, the iPADock has found its way to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s moat via Firebox U.K. The iPADock is still pretty awesome with its Apple aesthetic and ability to dock truckloads of gadgets.  The device will charge two iPads, an iPad and two iPhones, or four iPhones at a time, so it’s basically a one stop charging station for all your Apple goodies. The iPADock also has some nifty junk in its trunk: four USB ports, memory card slots that support SD, SDHC, mini SD, mini SDHC, micro SD and micro SDHC. The iPADock also includes an Apple compatible 3x30pin to USB cable.  The iPADock retails for £74.99 or $120 USD and yes they ship to the USA!! Hello Santa??!! Can you put this in my stocking please…?

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