iPhone 4 Quartet Case from Case-Mate Might Just Be Better than the Cube Version

Rubik’s Cubes have been used in many ways over the years, but the latest transformation is an iPhone 4 case. Case-Mate will soon be releasing the iPhone 4 Quartet Case. Just like with the iconic toy, you can mix and match colors. However that is not accomplished by twisting the case but instead by unsnapping pieces and then snapping different colors together. So not only is it a Rubik’s Cube inspired case but it also has a touch of LEGO style fun going for it too. Each case was designed by Erik Arlen and comes with 6 modular pieces. There are four color sets to choose from – Sensuous Silk, Rustic Tweed and Vintage Flannel. The shell is also flexible and can handle impacts, and all ports are accessible. The iPhone 4 Quartet Case will retail for $34.99 and will begin shipping shortly.

Update 11/24/2010: The Rubix cased has been renamed to the Quartet Case

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