Jabra STONE2 Lets You Update Your Facebook Page by Voice

Jabra has unveiled their sequel to their popular Jabra STONE headset. The new Jabra STONE2 sports a similar form-factor but improves on the original with an impressive feature set. The STONE2 headset will let you send text messages, emails, make calls, and update your Facebook page – all just by using your voice. Besides “bossing” it around with commands, it will also “talk” to users to notify them of missed calls, read email messages to them, update them on Facebook and Twitter status updates, listen to music stations, get traffic reports,and more. Jabra STONE is set to retail for $129.99 an will be sold exclusively by AT&T.

Voice Control

  • Make calls using the sound of your voice (For example, “Call Dad”)
  • Answer an incoming call by simply saying “Answer”
  • Reject a call by saying “Ignore”

Voice Guidance

  • Hear the name of an incoming caller through the headset (For example: “Mom Cell” or “David’s Work”), exactly how you have the caller programmed into your phone.  If the caller’s number isn’t saved to your phone, the headset will read out the phone number.
  • A “Connected” audio alert means the STONE2 is paired with your mobile device
  • The STONE2 signals a “Low Battery” audio alert when it needs to be charged.  Battery levels also appear on the iPhone® to avoid guessing when the headset battery is running low
  • The STONE2 talks users through an easy set-up process of pairing the headset to a mobile or smart phone (including the iPhone)

Voice Enabled Applications

Utilizing the Jabra World of Apps, consumers can easily and quickly find applications that fit their lifestyle and make the most of their headset experience. With third-party hands-free apps that have been hand-selected and rigorously tested to work with the Jabra STONE2 and other Jabra products, the Portal includes a robust suite of voice-enabled apps allowing users to:

  • Send text messages or emails using their voice
  • Read email messages
  • Update status on social networking sites including Facebook
  • Notify users of missed calls
  • Listen to customized music stations
  • Find a business
  • Get local traffic reports and updates

The Jabra STONE2 iPhone app provides consumers with not only a product introduction and overview but four “solution videos.”  The videos highlight everyday situations where headsets and apps can improve your lifestyle, providing real-life examples so users can chose what is best for them.

Multimedia & More

  • Play music, watch videos, listen to podcasts and get directions from GPS applications with new multimedia streaming capabilities

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