Josh Madden and Aerial7 Collaborate on New Tank Mondrian Headphones

Many may not know this, but Joel and Benji Madden have yet another brother – Josh Madden. Josh Madden is a Music Producer, DJ, and  Co-Founder of  DCMA COLLECTIVE a clothing line he shares with brothers Benji and Joel.  On top of that he is also the latest brand ambassador for Aerial7. The Tank Mondrian headphones are a result of this new collaboration and its design is inspired by the artwork of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.Madden goes on to say that:

“The Headphone idea came about when Mondrian kept showing up in my life repeatedly. Mondrian has been in my life for years, growing up in an art and music family. For some reason the work has always felt like the future and the past all at once to me,”

The Aerial7 Tank Mondrian’s feature a 57mm driver, swivel earcups, and soft cushy ear cushions, They also may get you an invite to Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden’s wedding – just joking. The Tank Mondrian’s headphones retail for $90 and will be shipping on Dec 1st.

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