MobileMe App Find My iPhone Catches Purse Snatcher

A women in Atlanta was able to use Apple’s MobileMe exclusive app, Find My iPhone to get her stolen purse back. The victim had her purse snatched right out of her car while at a gas station. Not only did surveillance cameras capture the thief in the act, but the victim called up a friend to help locate her phone via GPS which ultimately led to the return of her personal belongings sans a credit card, and the arrest of the perp.Find my iPhone is a nifty app that requires a MobileMe subscription but is otherwise a free download. If you lose your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, the app will immediately find it. Alternatively you can also use the app to wipe your device remotely, so that if it gets stolen your personal info is safe. The Atlanta woman’s iPhone is now safe and sound and at home resting from its ordeal. Check out the video from WSBTV news to see the whole crime unfold.

A word to the wise ladies, lock your car doors and take your purse with you when you walk away from your car…

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