T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Makes a Cameo Appearance on 90210

videochat T Mobile MyTouch 4G Makes a Cameo Appearance on 90210

On tonight’s episode of the “new” 90210 on the CW, T-Mobile’s myTouch 4G made a cameo appearance in a scene where Silver and Navid chat on a video call. Of-course the quality of the video call is nothing less than stellar. Unfortunately, it’s not going to quite look that good and HD-like in real life, and the quality of a video call is always dependent on your 3G/4G or WiFi connection. And is it just us, or does it seem like Navid is trying not to laugh? In any case, it’s no secret that 90210 has heavy T-Mobile sponsorship – T-Mobile’s phones are always popping up in their episodes.

And yes, some of us actually watch the new 90210. And we’re not ashamed to admit it.