Queen Elizabeth II Doesn’t Want to Be Your Facebook Friend

Queen Elizabeth II has officially joined Facebook. The British Monarchy has set up a bunch of pages that will let Facebook users keep up-to date on her her majesty’s engagements. Facebook users will also be able to leave messages and comments for the Queen and Buckingham Palace.

“The decision went right up to the queen,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to discuss the plan ahead of its official launch. “If you are going to have an online presence in 2010, you just have to be on Facebook.”

But there is a catch, because the page is a corporate page and not a personal one, Facebook users will not be able to become a friend of the Queen.

And in case you were wondering… Queen Elizabeth joined Twitter in 2009 and set up a YouTube Channel as far back as 2007.

(Via Yahoo News)

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