Shoeboxed.com Scans and Organizes All of Your Receipts & Business Cards


Receipts are nightmarish to organize, but come tax time, you’re stuck sorting through all of them anyway. Shoeboxed wants to make your life a little bit easier by taking control of all of your receipts and business cards for you. Just send in your receipts and business cards in prepaid envelopes, or via email or your mobile phone, and Shoeboxed will scan them in, enter in the data for them and organize all of them for you. All of the data and scans will then be accessible for you online via their web site. Pricing for Shoeboxed begins at $9.95 a month for about 50 scans a month.

If the concept here doesn’t seem all that new, it’s because NeatReceipts is a pretty popular device, that also allows users to scan in receipts and business cards – albeit on their own.