Sound Asleep Speaker Blanket is a Snuggie with Speakers

I didn’t think anyone would attempt to encroach on Snuggie’s territory but it looks like Sound Asleep has the guts too, because they will soon be shipping the Sound Asleep Speaker Blanket, which is essentially a Snuggie with a built-in speaker. The blanket is giant in size and is made of fleece. It sports a hood, sleeves and two removable speakers are actually sewn into the hood.  The speakers connect via a wire to a 3.5mm jack, which means they will work with just about any audio device. The Sound Asleep Speaker Blanket comes in pink and blue and they make sizes for kids too. So now you can get all snuggly, fugly, and deaf on the couch. The Sound Asleep Speaker Blanket retails for £15.00 ($23.82 USD) and will begin shipping on November 19th in U.K.

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