Speck CorePack FLY 10 for Netbooks Review

Amidst Speck’s vast line up of products is the CorePack Fly 10 for devices up to 10.2 inches. Netbooks, iPads, eReaders will all fit comfortably, with plenty of room for more in this bad. The new MacBook Air is a smidge bigger but it fits inside quite well too. This bag is ideal for travel because it unfolds into a lapdesk, preventing the dreaded traveler’s lap burn that will leave you with questionable ability to have children. It also features a padded microfleece lined section for the device, lots of room, and two carrying options.

The bag has two main sections that are held together with velcro. One section is a padded blue microfleece compartment for a 10″ device that zips at the top. This material is fantastic. The softness of the material will act as a gentle wipe to keep the screen clean and scratch free. The other section of the bag has a large flap that opens to a large pocket with two outer pockets. One of the outer pockets has a circular opening, just to the side of the zipper, for headphones. It would be a great place to keep your iPhone, iPod, Droid, or whatever listening device you may use.

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For carrying ease there are two options, the long adjustable shoulder strap, and the briefcase style handle. The handle is a very stiff material that is also very thin so carrying it for long periods of time might get uncomfortable. There is a reason for this divergence from the usual comfy Speck handles. This handle serves as the lynch pen for the real perk of this bag; it morphs into a lap desk, or butterflies into a flat work space. This is accomplished by pulling apart the velcro of the two sections described above. If you put the padded device compartment side on your lap, the other side falls into a flat work space. If you do it the other way around, and put the pocketed compartment on your lap and lift the other compartment 90 degrees, the handle behind it rest comfortably just on the knee, providing support for the lap desk. The padding below, provides elevation to make typing easier, as well as dispersing laptop heat elsewhere.

The CorePack Fly 10 is marketed as an ideal bag to take with you flying. They say that you can take it through airport security by simply butterflying the case and laying it flat, without removing your device. Anyone who has been watching the news lately knows that if they are going to lift your unmentionables through an airport check, they ARE going to make you take out your netbook. So I wouldn’t count on that.

Another thing we love about Speck products, is that this nylon material just slicks off water, which is a real bonus as a messenger bag. For $49 the CorePack Fly 10 is a great buy that is very useful for travel. Your device will be well cared for in the padded compartment, as well as having plenty of room in the rest of the bag. It is comfortable to carry and to use.

The Good: Great water slicking material, convenient use as a lap desk, micro fleece interior
The Bad: Not TSA friendly as advertised, but really who is these days?