Speck PortPack-10 Netbook and iPad Bag Review

We love pretty much any case Speck has to offer. Their cases are all well designed, durable, affordable and fashionable. The Speck PortPack-10 tote for iPad and netbooks is no exception. The PortPack is shaped like a classic laptop messenger bag, but it’s scaled down to comfortably accommodate iPad and netbooks.

PortPack-10 is a two compartment bag with a flap and a shoulder strap. The exterior is made of a shiny and resistant black nylon. The interior sports a cool blue, black and gray plaid nylon. The plaid is also on the underside of the shoulder strap and underside of the flap. One of the two inner pockets is lined in microfleece to safely store an iPad, tablet, eReader, or netbook under 10.2″. The iPad will have will have some wiggle room in this compartment. If you’re using an iPad sleeve or case, it should fit perfectly. The other interior pocket is to store whatever else you want. This pocket doubles in capacity by unzipping the zipper along the perimeter of the bag. I had no problems cramming some clothes and a lunch into this main compartment, though it’s optimal for anything flat: documents, folders, notebooks, magazines…[nggallery id=413]

The back of the PortPack has a large open pocket, great for any last minute items you want to throw in your bag. The front of the bag is covered by a removable flap. The flap is zippered to the back of the bag and fastens to the front by velcro. The front of the bag has two deep-well pockets, both with large headphone holes for your music player. The deep-well pockets are both zippered; one pocket is side-loading with a vertical zipper and the other is top-loading with a horizontal zipper.

For only $50, PortPack is a good buy. It works with business and casual attires. It’s much more convenient then carrying around a full sized laptop bag with un-utilized space, not to mention it’s a whole lot lighter. The plaid lining provides a very nice yet subtle detail to keep PortPack from looking boring and plain. We did have a couple of gripes with PortPack though, but it’s not enough to keep us from using it. The shoulder strap is not padded and can be slippery depending on what you’re wearing. The strap is adjustable, one side of the strap is stitched to the bag and the other side is attached to a rectangular plastic hook. When pressure is placed on the strap, the rectangular hook flips and bunches up the strap. This design flaw doesn’t make a huge difference, but it looks silly. The last gripe we had was the lack of a handle to use as an alternate method of carrying or moving PortPack. Other then these few things, we had a great experience with PortPack. It’s a great any-day bag especially if you love having your iPad close by. PortPack is currently available from SpeckProducts.com for $49.95.

The Good: Doubles in capacity, good protection for iPad and netbooks, well priced
The Bad: No Handle, headphone holes in front pockets are too large, shoulder strap isn’t perfect

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