Smart Holiday Gifts for Students

Check out these products for the younger crowd for this holiday season. They’ll be hits, covering needs from on-the-go music to on-the-go data to on-the-go communication. Students are always moving around, so get them some stuff that can move around with them!

LaCie Xtremkey

You wouldn’t think that resistance to force, pressure and the elements would be a very important thing to look for in a flash drive, but then again, students end up doing a lot of things you wouldn’t think of, so why not prepare in advance? The LaCie Xtremkey is a flash drive comes in 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB capacities, and is encased in 2mm worth of metal on all sides. It’s virtually indestructible, which, to be sure, your favorite student will thank you for. Prices range from $49.99 to $249.99, depending on storage capacity.

Office for Mac 2011

One thing (and maybe the only thing) that PC and Mac users can agree on about their respective brands is that Microsoft Office Suite is the premiere office suite available on the market. Any student is going to need an office suite, for anything from word processing to spreadsheets, so make sure they’re equipped with the best of the best. The Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Home and Student edition retails for $114.99, while the Home and Business edition retails for $182.99.

netTalk Duo

Students love freedom, and change their minds quite often. It’s not too hard, then, to imagine that two year long cell phone contracts and students might not exactly go hand-in-hand. Fortunately, for your student this holiday season, you can buy the netTalk Duo, which allows for free calling within the United States and Canada, free calling to other netTalk devices, and very low international rates. Best of all for students: no monthly bills. You can grab one of these for $69.95, and a year’s worth of service costs $29.95, but the first year comes with the device free.

miniMove Boombox for iPod

This iPod dock is perfect for students who need their music with them everywhere they go. It’s a boombox that somewhat resembles a purse, and is compact enough to carry comfortably to class or to parties, and comes in a few different colors including pink, black, blue and purple. It also sports a 3.5mm jack for connecting to other non iPod devices. It sells for $49.99.

Rover Pay-As-You-Go Unlimited 4G Internet

Clearwire’s 4G internet has now rolled out to most major cities across the country, and they keep expanding. Rover provides you with access to this super fast new wireless 4G network, but without being tied to any nasty contracts, instead students can get unlimited access for $5 a day, $20 a week, or $50 a month.  Available hardware includes a USB modem called the Rover Stick for $99, or the Rover Puck, a portable Hotspot, for $149.99 which will let them share their internet with up-to 8 devices (or friends) at a time.

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