Subjekt BlockParty Headphones Review

Subjekt blew our socks off with their X! DJ Headphones. Their BlockParty Headphones are just as impressive, but optimized for actual DJs. They rock a long cord, booming bass, great midrange, and specially cushioned earphones which swivel on two axes. They look awesome and sound awesome.

Product Specs:
Driver Unit: 57mm
Impedance: 108dB +/e3dB
Frequency Response: 15Hz to 30KHz
3.5mm Jack with 6.3mm gold plated Adapter

The cord is much longer than a standard headphone cable. Part of the cord is coiled like a telephone cable, so the lead will stretch even further. The BlockParty’s have a standard 3.5mm headphone plug, and they come with an adapter to convert it into a 1/4inch stereo tip.

The model we reviewed is green and white. The BlockParty’s are also available in black and red. The website mentions a blue and white model as well, but there’s no product listing for it. The design work on the BlockParty’s headphones is fabulous; it’s new age and fresh looking. We love that Subjekt’s ninja logo is even printed on the inside of both earphones. The two-tone coloring is a very sharp look. The headband is very well padded and is very comfortable to wear. The ear pads are donut shaped and cushioned. They’re large, but they may not fit large ears inside the donut hole. If you have large ears they may not be as comfortable, or sound as good, as they should; but not to worry, Subjekt’s X! DJ headphones would be sure to accommodate your ears (pictured). The BlockParty earphones swivel on two axes so it’s very convenient putting one earphone up to your ear with out having to contort your headphones. The headphone cable is only attached to one earcup which is also convenient.

Judging from looks alone you would have to expect the BlockParty’s to cost at least $150-$200. They’re available from Subjekt.com for just $79.99. DJ headphones can get very pricey, so this is a great deal for such a well-crafted and quality set of DJ headphones, which can be very pricey. The one drawback is that the cord is much too long to use as every day headphones; you would have to stuff a large portion of the cord in to your pocket if you’re on the go. If you’re less serious about DJ’ing and want an every-day great sounding and a comfortable set of DJ style headphones, then we highly recommend Subjekt’s X! DJ headphones.

The Good: Great design, sound awesome, good price, comes with 1/4in adapter.
The Bad: Cord too long for every day use, donut shaped earphone cushions are not optimal for large ears.

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