Subjekt X! DJ Headphones Review

I’m in love, and it’s with a set of the comfiest and trendiest DJ headphones I’ve ever rested my ears on. The Subjekt X! DJ Headphones are large over the ear headphones. These eye-popping multicolor headphones (also available in black and white) have supersized memory-foam cushions that feel like a heavenly pillow for each one of your ears.

The audio quality is pretty good, but they sound great because of the perfect seal they create around any set of ears. The bass could be more prevalent, and the mids could be a little clearer, but the highs are good. Almost all ambient sound is muffled out by the big cushions.

This also works inversely; nearby people won’t be able to hear music blasting from your head. The multi-colored cord is Y-shaped. The cable itself is rubberized and flat, similar to a phone line cable. This design prevents the cord from tangling, which is a quality I wish every set of headphones had. The only thing the cord is missing is a microphone or control button. The standard 3.5mm headphone plug is gold plated. The headband on the headphones is made of a durable and flexible plastic. It’s also adjustable to fit the biggest and smallest of heads. The headphones are very light and will not weigh you down even after a few hours of rocking out.

The appearance of the headphones is certainly pretty crazy looking. You may need a bit of confidence to rock such a hip set of headphones because a lot of people will stare. Don’t let that discourage you; friends (and even strangers) can’t help from commenting on its appearance, but they all absolutely loved it. Friends were speculating that they must cost upwards of $150! So how much do they cost? Only $39.99 from Subjekt.com! Subjekt sells a more expensive model that we also reviewed (pictured). The audio quality on the premium model is better, but overall they don’t sound better because the ear cushions don’t create as good of a seal since they’re not as soft or large. Final note: Subject X’s are “DJ Headphones” but by no means do you need to be a DJ, or listen to DJ music, to make them your everyday set of headphones.

The Good: Very Comfortable, Tangle-Free cord, Inexpensive, Sound Good, Light Weight, Everyone will love them.
The Bad: Audio Quality and Bass could be better

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