Technogym’s VisioWeb is a Treadmill with Facebook, YouTube, Games & More

Getting a computer geek to exercise outside playing Kinect, is near impossible. But Technogym’s VisioWeb is about to change all of that. This treadmill has a “tablet” on its handlebars that will let you update your Faceook Status, browse the web, watch YouTube videos, read Emails, watch TV shows, listen to radio, and even play games while you work out. Oh, and it also lets you create a personalized workout program and you can save your workout data on the device too. Plus it comes with a video library that will help explain how to use the equipment properly. But they didn’t just throw a tablet onto a treadmill, they have created a touch-sensitive gui with big clear icons that are designed to be easy to use while you’re working out. The LCD itself is available in a 19″ or 15.4″ version. Unfortunately it seems like this product is meant to be a commercial product for professional gyms, and there is no pricing available for it. But boy, we want one! It might actually get us to do some exercise!

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