Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR-1000 Sewing Machine Features Built-in Camera and Scanner

The Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR-1000 is the world’s first 10-needle embroidery machine with built-in camera-like technology, low-cost digital garment printer, and the first sewing machine with built-in scanner that can help anyone start their own version of Project Runway or Fashion Show.

Tech Features Include:
o    New InnovaChrome LED Color Thread System: Underneath each thread spool is a full color LED light which mimics the color of the thread that belongs on the spool, eliminating any guesswork. Coupled with audio cues, the system allows an embroiderer to limit their supervision of the machine.
o    Eyelet Threading System: No more tangles! Each needle can be threaded with the touch of a button.
o    InnovEye Technology and Up-Close Viewer: It’s like having a built-in camera above the needle. This user-friendly interface is the same that is in the popular Quattro® 6000D, which was recently awarded a 2010 iF Communication Design Award—a reliable indicator of quality in design.
o    Five full spectrum LED lights: Each light is equivalent to seven standard LED lamps, which is like having 35 lights shining directly onto the work area.
o    Ability to link multiple machines with PE-DESIGN NEXT: Have the convenience of managing the work of four machines through one interface when using the newest embroidery software, PE-DESIGN NEXT. This is great when there is a need to stitch out several pieces with the same design at the same time or when an embroiderer needs each machine to stitch out different designs at different speeds simultaneously.

You can check out the Entrepreneur Pro PR-1000 in action on Brother’s website but be sure to have a pair of 3D glasses handy as their video presentation of the machine is in 3D.
Lastly when the machine launched in Europe earlier this year the price tag was around £7999.00 (USD $12,500).  There are a few sewing stores that are selling it already but you’ll have to inquire about the price.  Perhaps just buying clothes or needlepoint pillows at Pier 1 would be cheaper…

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  1. Your article is somewhat misleading in that this is not a sewing machine but an embroidery machine. This machine embroiders – does not digitially print – a design that is created through a digitizing process. The digitizing is done in software and essentially tells the embroidery machine where to stitch each color of thread and what kind of stitch to use.

    Great advance to the 6 needle version also offered by both Brother and Babylock.

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