dB Logic Headphones Review

In this age of noise, many of us worry about our hearing and the hearing of our children too. This particularly affects young people who seem to live with headphones on. Statistics currently puts the number of young people with significant hearing loss between 20 and 30%. dB Logic headphones is a great product to help negate hearing loss without sacrificing a divine listening experience. The decibel cap on these headphones is set at a healthy 85, that is just a smidge under the starting line for hearing loss. SPL2 Technology is the name of this unique approach to sound, that involves no batteries and has ultra low distortion.
The modulation of decibels is virtually unnoticeable to the user. This is because there is a decibel monitoring circuit that does the job. Had I not been informed of this, I would not have noticed anything unusual about the sound. It sounds crystal clear, with low distortion. I actually noticed more depth to music then I had on many other sets. In listening to a test piece of classical music, I felt like I was in an actual concert hearing the peaks of the flutes, violins, and bells, while still being able to detect the soft, falling, low tones, of the percussion. The percussion even had the bass sound that they do in concerts. It truly is a rich listening experience for its price range. Frequency range is 20Hz-20kHz for all you audiophiles out there.

The ear portion of the headphones are very comfortable. They are fully cushioned and rest on a swivel. This is nice, because if you have a big head like me, there is no pinching. They gently rest on your ears. The 47 inch cord provides plenty of room for movement, without getting in the way. My one complaint is in the adjustable metal band. Although it’s design allows you to fold up the set into the size of a DVD, making for easy transport, it is hard to put on and adjust without pinching hair. That aside, it sure is pretty. They come in 6 different colors- Barracuda Blue, Big Apple Red, Green Shamrock, Pink Valentine, Quick Silver, and Orange Tiger.

Many headphones concentrate on outward comfort and use. It is great to see one that excels in that aspect and soars in listening comfort as well. Anything that prevents “ear fatigue” is welcome. I could listen to music using the dB Logic heapdhones all day in comfort. If you have sensitive ears, or want to prevent early use of a hearing aid, this is a product for you. For $39.99 the dB Logic Headphones headphones are a great and “safe” buy.

The Good: Enforced safe listening levels without detection, Sleek design, Buttery sound, no batteries
The Bad: Adjustable head band is hard to adjust without pinching hair.

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