DJ Loli Lux and Aerial7 Launch Tank Loliland Headphones for the Ladies

If you don’t go clubbing, than you may not know who  DJ Loli Lux, but if you do – then you will know she is one of the hottest female DJ’s on the scene right now and she has teamed up with Aerial7 to bring forth a sexy pair of headphones.  Tank Loliland is the newest addition to the Tank Headphone line. Loli wanted to create her own headphone line infusing her fashion sense.  “AERIAL7 has great sound, durability and an already existing fun and fashionable design which was the best fit for me to add my influence”, said Lux. Loli’s inspiration came from her own Classic Chick style with a New York Rock’n Roll Twist. Her design features metal studs across the headband that read “Loliland” and AERIAL7’s 3D printing technique with all-over black lace pattern.   The Tank Loliland retails for $90.


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