Fanny Wang Headphones Look to Compete with Beats by Dr. Dre Features DuoJack Inline Splitter

Move over beats by dr. dre, Fanny Wang Headphone Co. has just come to town.  The newest line of ultra premium headphones will launch this month that are not only fashionable but promise to deliver unparalleled sound.

“The same sound engineer who designed the Beats by Dr. Dre acoustics tackled the Fanny Wang collection.  We challenged him to create a superior sound that complements urban hip hop, but also provides range to satisfy other music genres,” said David Adam, VP of Product Development for Fanny Wang. “Audiophiles will be blown away by the rich, smooth sound, and heads will turn when people check out the new Fanny Wang headphones.”

The Fanny Wang Headphones will be compatible with iPods, iPhones and the iPad. In addition each model includes a built-in DuoJack inline splitter, allowing friends to share the listening experience. Lastly they feature 40mm titanium drivers and cushion earcups. The Fanny Wang Headphones are easily portable since they collapse and have a sturdy metal hinge. Fanny Wang Headphones will be available in bold red, ink black or crisp white and retails for $149.95.  In Q1 2011 expect over the ear noise-canceling models.

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  1. I’m astonished that such blatant plagarism is even considered for publication. Beats headphones have been blinding unwitting consumers with marketing before robbing them blind for decidedly mediocre products, it now seems that beats are the ones being mugged.

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