Franco Recchia Takes Your Trashed Computer Parts and Makes it into Art

Yes we are suckers for unique art and Franco Recchia, who uses parts from discarded technology to make fine art sculptures is the next artist to grab our attention.  Franco recently gave an exclusive interview to Agora Gallery, explaining more about his unique creations and what goes into them. Recchia basically gets all his parts from trash heaps or they are given to him. Glad to know people aren’t recycling…he also reveals that he isn’t tech savvy:

I don’t know anything about my computer in that sense, I couldn’t reassemble it. I have other people around me who know how to do that. But I know the technology, and it fascinates me to know what is inside the computer, as well as how the individual components work – which is obviously relevant to my work because I use the parts, not the whole. It’s like with a car, I drive it, and understand the individual parts, but I wouldn’t start to work as a repair man. But I’m happy with what I do know.

If you happen to be in NYC,  Franco Recchia’s work can be seen at Agora Gallery in the exhibition The Odyssey Within: An Exhibition of Fine Art by Greek and Italian Artists this Thursday, December 16, 2010 until January 7, 2011.

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