Griffin PowerDock Dual for iPad and iPhone Review

How many households own both an iPhone and iPad nowadays? Multiple Apple iOS devices are becoming common place in the home, so stand-alone docks and stands can’t always cut it. Personally, my desk feels disorganized with my iPhone lying around on one side, and my iPad sitting up in a stand on the other. Griffin’s PowerDock Dual keeps your iOS devices neat and organized by providing a resting and charging station for both the iPad and iPhone. It does this by providing 10 watts of power for your iPad and 5 watts for the iPhone or iPod.

The PowerDock Dual’s simple black design will fit in with most any decor. It also sports a convenient valet dish for holding change, keys, or whatever else. With its weighted base and backrest, the PowerDock Dual is designed to be sturdy. And it certainly needs to be sturdy, because it has your iPad and iPhone both resting at angles that have the devices leaning outward. The PowerDock Dual is also able to charge the iPad and iPhone while they have cases on – although not every type of case can be accommodated.
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We’re also impressed that the PowerDock Dual is also an Energy Star product, which means that it is energy efficient, and is designed to save energy when not in use. Many computers, laptops and peripherals nowadays are certified Energy Star efficient, but certainly not enough docks and accessories are.

Asides from a regular AC adapter, Griffin has also thrown 4 international plug adapters.  While you could travel with this device relatively easily, I cant imagine how many people would want to really bother taking this with them too.

Overall, Griffin’s PowerDock Dual really hits the sweet spot for those who own both an iPhone and iPad since it lets them keep their devices together and organized. That said, we just wish that the PowerDock Dual would also offer the option of letting you simultaneously dock your iPhone /iPad with your computer via usb. Regardless, this still really is a lovely and eco-friendly way to keep your desk or bedside table tidier while being able to simultaneously charge both of your devices with just one power chord. The Griffin PowerDock Dual retails for $59.99 and is compatible with all generations of the iPhone and iPod Touch, the 4th through 6th gen Nano, and the iPod Classic.

The Good: Energy efficient, comes bundled with 4 international plug adapters, able to charge iPad and iPhone with most cases on, reduces chord clutter and keeps your multiple devices organized!

The Bad: Missing the option to also sync/dock with your computer, not a replacement for a proper stand since angles for holding the devices are not adjustable