i-hotake iPad Case Review

The i-hotake iPad case is certainly unique. The design was created with a focus on being able to easily carry around your iPad and  also be able to handle it more ergonomically. i-hotake structure of brightly colored plastic with looped openings, reminds one of kid-proofing. Of course it leaves all the necessary spots open, thus creating what they have coined to be “inadvertance protection.” So that with the i-hotake case on, you won’t accidentally turn the volume up or down. i-hotake comes in 3 very bright colors: orange, blue and green. The back leaves a hole open so the Apple logo can shine through.

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Installation requires a flathead screwdriver to wedge apart the 3 adjoining pieces. Place the iPad in place and clip it together. Taking it off is a little nerve wracking. Wedging a screwdriver mere millimeters away from the back of a very expensive iPad does not feel very secure. We had the same gripe with Colorware’s very pricey Grip for iPad. However, once the iPad is locked, the i-hotake offers a pretty secure and tight fit. You can carry the i-hotake by either of the symmetrical looped handles. Once again, I just could not get used to the idea of swinging my arm as I walk with my pricey iPad in this case. It is fine for around the house movement, but definitely not for street walking. At that point, your iPad belongs in an iPad bag of sorts.

The i-hotake’s handles are about an inch wide, which is nice for the fingers. It is also nice to set the i-hotake on a table or a desk so that your iPad can get a little elevation for viewing, and it provides some spilled drink protection too. However, it is rather awkward to switch between holding the handles and trying to touch the iPad. Overall, if this case were easier to take on and off, it might be nice for certain instances, but in general it just wasn’t that useful. Pricing for the i-hotake isn’t available yet, but we’re hoping that it doesn’t cost more than $30.

The Good: Cheerful and unique design
The Bad:
Difficult to Install and dismantle, screws needed to assemble are not included

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