Intel Unleashes Ultrasmall SSD 310 Series for Tablets

Any SSD fan had to know it was coming, but Intel has just announced their Intel SSD 310 series, which although it’s 1/8th the size of their Intel X25-class series, it manages to provide the same performance. The new ultracompact Intel SSD 310 is designed to power tablets, dual-drive notebooks, and rugged embedded industrial or military applications. But what’s a dual-drive system you asked? Pair this little guy with a regular old high capacity HDD in a dual-drive system and the Intel SSD 310 can improve overall system performance by up-to 60%. The drive will be available for $99 for the 40GB version and $179 for the 80GB version, in 1,000 capacities, which means it’s designed for manufacturers only. Either way the Intel SSD 310 is good news since it means we might soon start seeing tablets with more than just 8gb, 16gb, or 32gb inside.

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