ThinkGeek iPod Nano Leather and Steel Watchband Review

I love watches. Collecting watches is an expensive hobby I acquired from my father. So when creative types thought that the latest Nano would look cool as a watch, I jumped at the chance to find the perfect band that would make the 6th gen iPod Nano a serious timepiece. There are plenty of iPod Nano 6G watchbands hitting the market. Some are hipster cool, others a bit childish, and then there is this latest iPod Nano leather and steel watchband from ThinkGeek which is both classy looking and doubles as a super useful tool – a bottle opener!

The iPod Nano Leather and Steel Watchband perfectly compliments the business executive who still likes to wear their geekiness on their sleeve. It is unisex and the band is made of 100% genuine leather. It won’t contour to your wrist right away, but after a few wearings it did start to mold to my wrist for a more comfortable fit. The Nano clip easily slips on to the center part of the watchband and bam – you have a super hot, yet sophisticated looking watch. As I so casually checked my ‘watch’ for the time – Oohhs and aahhs were abound as I pressed the power button to bring up the the time on my Nano. But not only has this new watch made me suave, I have also become a hero too. When my gang was in need of a bottle opener for our Coronas. Instead of finding creative ways to open the beer bottles, I just slipped off my Nano and removed the wristband from my wrist and used it as a bottle opener.  Now that is an awesome do-it-all kind of gadget!

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However there is a price for being so cool. The wristband offers no protection for your Nano. So that means if you have a tendency to smack your wrist around a lot, be careful because you aren’t just damaging your watch… you’ll also be damaging your precious Nano. The same principal applies with washing your hands. Typically I wash my hands with my watch on because most of them are waterproof. However your Nano isn’t, so best to take your wristband off before getting all hygienic. Lastly, accessing the volume buttons was a bit tight.

The  iPod Nano Leather and Steel Watchband from ThinkGeek is the epitome of geek chic. Not only will you look professional, retain your geekiness, but to top it all off, it comes in handy when you have a bunch of thirsty friends and no bottle opener in sight. The funny thing is, that it also encourages me to want to use my Nano more. The downside of course of this watchband design is that you really need to be careful. As cool as it is, the band provides no protection for your Nano 6G and you should be conscious of the things your watch/Nano comes in contact with. Either way, this watchband and Nano combo would make Dick Tracy crazy jealous. The iPod Nano Leather and Steel Watchband retails for $49.99.

The Good: Looks professional despite being uber-geeky. Watchband is unisex, well-made and made of genuine leather. Doubles as a bottle-opener.

The Bad: Provides no protection for your Nano 6G. Access to the volume keys is a bit tight.

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