iPad App of the Week: iScreen Transforms the iPad into an Extra Display

Sometimes, iPads don’t get the love they deserve at home. It’s hard to justify using it, especially when you’ve got your Mac (that I’m sure is loved just as much as the iPad). Drahtwerk’s iScreen app gives your iPad a new role at home: as an extension of your Mac’s display. All it takes is the app and a few drivers for your Mac, and you can use your iPad as extra screen space for your Mac. You can customize exactly where the iPad will add extra space, and the response time is lightning fast, allowing you to do more with your Mac. How’s that for multitasking support for the iPad? You can grab the app from iTunes for $4.99. And yes, the app is very similar in function to Air Display, yet it’s half  the price, so we can’t help but wonder which is the superior app in practice.

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