Jeff Bridges Came Back For Tron: Legacy Because of The Technology

In 11 days Tron: Legacy will premiere and everyone in my inner circle will probably be going to what over the last 28 years has turned into a cult. But the question is, after so many years has passed, why would Jeff Bridges do it all over again? For the technology of course! In speaking with Digital Spy, Bridges revealed that the sequel offered him “a chance to play with the great cutting-edge stuff our industry has to offer”.

He continues to say “For this one, I was really interested in creating a modern-day myth about technology,” Bridges said. “It takes it to the next degree. We picked up where Avatar left off as far as the technology, we used a lot of that same stuff they used. “

I’m certainly excited to see what TRON has in store for us….How many of you will be checking it out?

[Via Digital Spy]

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