Josh Duhamel Refuses to Turn Off BlackBerry, Gets Kicked off Flight

You would think in this day in age; between the airport scanners and the anxiety of traveling during the holidays, one would behave themselves but not Josh Duhamel, AKA Mr. Fergie. On a flight bound for Kentucky from New York’s LGA he was asked not once, but three different times to shut his BlackBerry off. Instead of cooperating as any normal passenger would – Mr. Bigshot scoffed at the airline attendants, delayed the flight (which was already delayed) and then had to be escorted off the US Airways plane.

Mr. Duhamel – next time if you think you are above the rules of flying, take a private plane and save the rest of the passengers who abide by the rules some aggravation – remember you are no Brad Pitt.

[Via TMZ]


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