Justin Bieber Talks Twitter Followers and Cancelled Cellphone Plans with Radio 1

Justin Bieber at a secret location was interviewed by UK’s BBC Radio 1 station on Thursday. Despite a hoarse throat, he talked about his Twitter account and that he hopes to one day surpass Lady Gaga in Twitter followers, that his tweets mysteriously disappeared at one point last week and that on his iPod he has Usher, Little Wayne, Kanye West,  Drake, and Craig David among others on his playlist. However the highlight of his interview was that his Mom ultimately still rules with an iron fist and canceled his cellphone plan when he refused to give her his cellphone. When Fearne Cotton asked “What if Usher is trying to call you and you don’t have a phone?  Justin’s response: “Tough – tough” I say good boy Justin now go teach that Josh Duhamel some manners. Check out the rest of the interview on Radio 1 and watch what Justin does best – flip that hair of his…

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