LadiesLoop is a Craigslist for Women

Don’t feel safe using Craigslist ladies? LadiesLoop is the female version of Craigslist that was designed with the safety of women in mind.  LadiesLoop.com caters to exchanges between women such as selling kids’ goods, clothes, handbags, housing and footwear. However one section is missing and that is the personal’s section.  Because of the Craigslist killer, founder Tucker Blalock purposely omitted it so that LadiesLoop.com could be a safe-haven for women without the fear of meeting someone who had bad intentions. Additional safety measures have been included in the site such as a system to rate interactions with a seller, a picture and mini profile of the seller, and the ability to flag an inappropriate post.

“We just wanted to build a more comfortable place for women to connect with other women and exchange real things that women want,” says Blalock, whose girlfriend, Ashley Miller, helps run the site and provide a women’s perspective. “This free site, available in 40 states, is perfect for your wives, moms, girlfriends, sisters and friends … “

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