Oakley Limited Edition Tron Pit Boss Sunglass & Hardshell Pack for Laptops

Ok so I lied, I thought last week was the last of my TRON reporting but alas Oakley snuck up on us with a Limited Edition TRON Pit Boss and Sunglass and Hardshell Pack. The Oakley Hardshell Pack is lightweight and features padded storage for your 15″ laptop, holster for your phone, and a lid pocket to carry your sunglasses or media player.  The Pit Boss sunglasses feature minimized glare, anti-smudge lens coating, UV protected lenses, and additional Oakley specific features that make it standout from the crowd. So if you plan on backpacking your way to see TRON Legacy this weekend, Oakley has got you covered – that is, if you have $925 bucks to shell out!

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