Periodic Tablecloth of Swearing Teaches You To Swear Like Gordon Ramsay

Ah the periodic table…it was always a love hate relationship with you and honestly everytime I think of it, it just gives me nightmares of my pre-med days. However Modern Toss has given a unique spin to it and has transformed it into a Periodic Tablecloth of Swearing. Yes, that’s right, now those famous elements are converted into something more useful – abbreviations for curse words and a kitchen tablecloth to boot. The catch? They are British curse words. Yes if you want to tell someone to ‘Sod-off’ or exclaim ‘bloody hell!’ and you are a brit, you’ll probably have a big appreciation for this tablecloth. I’m sure there are some universal curse words on here as well, and if not, you’ll be prepared to tell someone off in jolly old england in their native tongue. The Periodic Tablecloth of swearing retails for £9.99 ($15 USD).

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