Time Warner Cable Intros SignatureHome All-Inclusive Package for Red Carpet Types

Cable companies are losing subscribers left and right, but Time Warner Cable’s new premium SignatureHome service hopes to lure more customers in by packing in everything but the kitchen sink in a truly premium cable package. For $199.99 a month, SignatureHome includes Whole House DVR, Remote DVR Manager, their new Wideband Internet service (up-to 50 Mbps), their Look Back DVR feature, Digital Home Phone and Caller ID on my TV/PC, and Wireless Home Networking. In particular, Whole House DVR lets you record up-to 4 shows at once. SignatureHome provides you with 2 DVRs standard that both support Whole House DVR which also enables you to start watching a show in one room and finish it in another. All of these new features are running on their newest DVR box which is made actually by Samsung. The system  features HDMI with 1080p support. We hope that the HDMI on these DVR systems aren’t as buggy as the HDMI on their previous DVRs.

But besides for packing in every feature they offer, on top of that, they’ll have dedicated SignatureService Technicians come and set up everything for you. That doesn’t just include the cable box, but they’ll also set up and connect every internet device in your house – whether it’s an Xbox or an iPad, and they’ll even try to keep all the wires tidy for you. Plus when they’re done setting everything up, they’ll clean up after themselves with a dust-buster. The SignatureHome service also provides customers with special dedicated SignatureService Technicians, 24-hour personalized quality customer care, and access to a Personal Solutions adviser anytime by phone.

TimeWarner is also beginning to show off their support for 3D broadcasts via their new 3D set top box. They already have support for three channels that are broadcasting in 3D, including ESPN.

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