SnowCraft for iPhone Review

So the snow is slowly melting away here in the Northeast part of the country, but that doesn’t mean the snowball fights needs to stop. for the iPhone, iPad (in 2X mode), and iPod Touch is a port of the original free Shockwave game from years ago. In this iOS port, the original SnowCraft charm is still very much intact and so is its addictiveness. Once again, it’s the green team versus the red team in the ultimate snowball match. The game’s simple ease of use has been translated over to the Apple devices as well as its signature simple graphics. Knock down your opponent with snowballs and then move to the next level to battle even more little characters dressed in green coats.

But this time around the mouse has been replaced with your fingers taking care of all of the action. Power-up your team by pressing down on a player, fill the meter, and launch your snowballs for an attack. With a swipe of your fingers you can also move them out of the line of fire, when a snowball is making its way towards your head.

However, SnowCraft is not without its slushy moments such as power-up lags and on occasion your red kids don’t seem to move as fast as you would like them too, resulting in getting hit. But putting that minor gripe aside, SnowCraft is a great addition to your gaming apps arsenal,
especially for just $.99! This is a great, simple but entertaining game for both kids who will probably be new to the game, as well as adults who are familiar with it, and it will quickly have you glued to your iOS device – as if you weren’t already.

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