TabGrip Jacket & Stand for iPad Review

iPad cases have been getting crazier-looking and more unique by the day. Today, we present the latest crazy unique iPad case: the TabGrip. TabGrip is a protective jacket for iPad that has an integrated stand. It can prop up your iPad in any orientation and at various viewing angles. TabGrip provides iPad a comfortable grip at each side of the device. Each grip has a leg that flips out to prop iPad up. This is really one of those see-it-to-believe-it cases–so check out the pictures.

The weight of TabGrip can be deceiving in the pictures. It’s lighter than it looks; the entire center portion of the case is made of a lightweight rubber. It still adds weight to iPad, just less than you may think. The rest of the case is made of plastic, with a few metal parts thrown in. The rubberized center is what gives TabGrip such a tight grip on iPad. To apply the case you must start from the back of iPad and use some force to stretch the two side grips on to the sides of iPad. Then use a little more force to stretch the top and button grips on to iPad. All ports and buttons are just as accessible as they ever were, with exception of the charging port. The grip covering the charging port needs to have its leg extended to access the port. The cutout is too narrow to fit the older, thicker, iPod cables. This also rules out the possibility of using TabGrip with a dock. Removing TabGrip from iPad is trickier (and scarier) than applying it. You really have to use some force to stretch the grip away from iPad before trying to pull it off; the first time I tried it I thought I was going to break my iPad. Of course, it gets easier with practice.

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Each side grip functions as a perfectly usable handle for iPad. The grips all ergonomically contour, giving you a pretty solid clutch on iPad with just one hand. The grip works just as well for holding up iPad up as it does for transporting it around. Each grip has a leg that will rotate about 120 degrees until it locks. With the 120 degree lock you can prop iPad at two viewing angles. One angle props iPad almost completely upright. Flip iPad upside down and it’s tilted at the perfect angle for typing. These two viewing angles work in both portrait and landscape mode.

TabGrip is protective to a certain degree. The case protrudes about 2 millimeters from iPad’s screen, but only along the sides, not at the corners. There’s a little more protection on the back of iPad. The grips extend further onto the back of iPad and flatten its contoured back so it sits flat; no wobbling. Again, no corners are protected. TabGrip offers reasonable protection from bumps, scratches, and maybe a drop where it falls flat. It won’t do much to protect iPad from a good drop on one of its corners.

TabGrip is a very useful case to have on iPad. While it doesn’t offer complete protection, it does offer some protection coupled with comfortable iPad grips and a built in mechanism to prop it up at multiple viewing angles and orientations. It has a very unique look to it–it almost makes iPad look like it is wearing medieval armor. The main issue we had with TabGrip wasn’t the lack of corner protection or inability to dock, it was that it still needs a case or sleeve when you’re on the move. None of the cases or sleeves we had would accommodate an iPad with TabGrip.

The TabGrip costs $34.99 (+ $6.95 shipping) from TabGrip.com. The price has, apparently, been reduced from $49.99. For 35 bucks, TabGrip is a pretty solid case. If you are often on the move with iPad then it may not be ideal, but if you mainly use iPad inside the house, then you will find it to be incredibly useful and handy. There’s no need to get creative with propping up iPad if you have TabGrip.

The Good: Comfortable, Good Grips for iPad, Tight Fit, Built in Legs, Props iPad Landscape and Portrait at Upright angle or Typing angle
The Bad: Difficult to apply and remove, No Protection on Corners, Can’t Dock iPad with it, Awkward Size makes it too big for most sleeves

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