3D snapping on a budget with the ViewFun 3D Snap Pocket 3D Camera

Everyone seems to think 3D is the future, but the technology isn’t actually all that affordable for the home user. ViewSonic aim to change that with the launch of the ViewFun Snap Pocket 3D camera, a compact 3D cam with a wallet friendly pricepoint.

The Snap features two 5 megapixel lenses which allow you to capture images in both 2D and 3D. The camera features a 2.4 inch 3D LCD panel to allow you to view your footage straight away-with no need for glasses, due to the parallax barrier technology (each eye sees a different set of pixels which merge and create the depth of a 3D image). You can also watch your content on a compatible HDTV via the mini HDMI port- and you can even view 3D content on a regular laptop by using the red/cyan anaglyph glasses.

The ViewFun Snap will be out in Q1 for $199 from ViewSonic.

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