Android App of the Week: iTriage Helps You Diagnose Baldness While on the Train

By now, pretty much everyone on the Internet has at least heard of WebMD. iTriage isn’t much different, and is developed by doctors and researchers to allow the everyday user to look up symptoms and find out what they might mean, and if they need to contact a doctor about them. With the iTriage mobile app, you can look up symptoms on the go, along with information about pretty much every disease under the sun, as well as a list of possible procedures or medications for each. It’s a robust app, and completely free of charge. The locations of health care professionals and specialists in your area is also now at your fingertips, and you can narrow the search to community health care centers, if the high cost of health care is an issue for you. Always remember, though, apps and websites like these are no replacement for an actual doctor; when in doubt about your health, contact one as soon as you can.

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