New Angry Birds Board Game and Card Games Lets You Knock Down the Pigs

This might be a great time to introduce your children to the ancient arts of “Board Games” and “Cards.” Lure them in with a promise of Angry Birds, and them slap down the games. These actually looks really fun. The board game is called “Angry Birds Knock On Wood” and involves building structures and knocking them down with a slingshot. The card game is a less exciting but still involves strategically knocking down structures using certain cards.

Mattel’s Knock On Wood Game comes with three Angry Birds, four pigs, one slingshot-style launcher, 14 structure pieces and 56 mission cards. You draw cards that determine what to build, and then you try and knock it down. Pretty straightforward. Aged 5 and up. Sells for $14.99 and will be available through Mattel and probably toy stores everywhere May 2011. Angry Birds card game will be available April 2011 for $5.99. See Mattel for details.

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